Application process for the winter semester 2019/20 has started







1) How did you organize your internship search?

I knew right from the beginning what my plans and goals were. This fact made everything easier for me and helped me to find out what I am passionate about. After some researches and conversations, I knew more or less when the interview process for adidas would be kicked off. I prepared my resume and cover letter a few months in advance and had everything proofread. Once the offers were out I only applied for the two positions I was really interested in.


2) When did you start looking for an internship?

From my point of view, it is better to start as soon as you can. I started gathering information regarding the interview process right at the beginning of the academic year. Looking for an internship is a big task and with the different courses, the group projects and so on, excuses are really easy to find to postpone the research. I think that it is important to make a plan and stick to it.


3) Have you been helped in any way during your research?

For this internship, my network played a key role.


4) How was your integration within the company?

Excellent. Interns are really considered as real employees and have the possibility to experience all the adidas events and to enjoy the benefits of working for one of the best sports brands in the world. Within my own team, a lot of team events, get-togethers and lunches have been organized.



5) Could you describe your missions?

1) Support of the seasonal campaign roll-outs for the different Global Brands Communication teams in developing strategies and campaigns that will help markets to launch products and concepts:

  • Assisting in the logistic and organization department regarding the sell-out shoots of the Global faces for spring/summer 2018.
  • Assisting the managers with various projects with regard to the different marketing channels like PR, social media or retail
  • Responsible for a social media audit for adidas Athletics

2) Managing the communication between the team and agencies /external partners

3) Support teams on day to day tasks:

  • Update of presentations
  • Assist in sample order and delivery checks
  • Data platform management
  • Invoice processing


6) Which professional and personal skills did you develop during your internship?

When I reflect on this internship, I realize that I have grown both on a professional and personal level. With the trust and freedom given to me, I have improved my communication and analytical skills. In addition, I learned to master time management by working in different teams. On a personal area I have gained a lot of self-confidence, which is highly due to the amazing manager I had. Adidas appreciates success and considers failures as a development process. Thus, being more confident helped me to be more creative in my job.


7) Would you have some advice you'd like to share with your ICN colleagues?

The advice I would share with my colleagues, is also something I tell myself every day is: have a plan and stick to it. No matter the hurdles, be all in.




The following pieces of advice are basic which one needs to keep in mind when it comes to any interview process.

1) Screening:

Your resume and CL will go through a screening. They will check if your resume and cover letter match the company’s core values and if you meet the HR requirements: gap year / enrolled in university for example.


2) Be ready to apply:

Each company should receive a personalized resume and cover letter. This is very time-consuming but therefore you start planning early enough, you have time to do it. Key words and core values should appear at least in the cover letter. The content has to correspond to the truth and should be authentic. Show that you are willing to learn. Be creative.


3) Don’t miss your opportunity:

Turn on the notifications, follow the brands on their social media channels and apply as soon as possible! You can never know when the offer will be withdrawn.



4) The interview (phone or in person):

Something I always keep in mind is to be authentic and smile. Be true to yourself, you wouldn’t want a company hiring you for someone you’re not. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. One more thing that shouldn’t be worth mentioning: come prepared! This means knowing the company, its values and its strategy. Show that you are interested also by asking relevant questions.


5) A task to prepare and present?

This will be your time to shine. Of course they want to see some great content, but in my opinion what matters most is your attitude and how you present your work. Did you enjoy working on it? Then show it! Reflect on how you worked and share your thoughts!