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Top Facts


The bachelor's program offers a sound basic business education in micro- and macroeconomics as well as a basic overview of global economic contexts.

Directly following, the ICN offers a master's program. It also can be taken at all state-recognized universities.


Study Program ICN Bachelor of Business Administration
Degree Diplome Sup´Est accredited by the French Ministry
Duration of Study 3 Years (6 Semesters)
Study Language English
Partner Universities 107 Partner Universities
Admission Requirement University Entrance Qualification, Letter of Motivation, Admission Interview
Start of Study Winter Semester
Business School ICN Business School established in 1905, affiliated to the University of Lorraine
Online Application
Tuition Fee

Total 21.200 € (payment per semester or monthly)
+ one-time matriculation fee of 100 €


The study program is curricular and organizational oriented so that the standard period of study can be successfully met - unlike in the usual mass study at German universities - due to small student groups and the intensive learning support.

Two selected international internships (8 + 12 weeks during the semester breaks) promote the intercultural competency, the professional experience competency as well as the language competency of the students. They provide an internationally oriented, practically experience that cannot be replaced by a traditional, lecture-based study. We recommend our students an internship in Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain or the USA.

The fifth semester can be competed at one of our 107 Partner-Universities such as Australia, U.S.A. etc. An ERASMUS funding program is basically possible.

Depending on your personal goals, you can opt for various study variations.

All undergraduate students acquire basic business knowledge and profound management skills. Thus, the conditions are created to adopt an entrepreneurial approach and act socially responsible.

The essential didactic goal is to build up and promote a sustainable, individual reflection, assessment and decision-making competence. Understanding the social, political, ecological and ethical contexts of business and enterprise and the ability to transfer current scientific insights into business practice are implicit teaching and learning goals.

In addition, the students are taught a basic understanding of the development and perspective of global economic contexts. Differentiations of the German and French economies in culture, structure and management as well as their elements are given special consideration.

The curriculum of the program is internationally oriented and the study program is internationally organized. The study content and the acquired key qualifications are based on sustainability.

Individual promotion of the strengths of the respective student as well as intensive personal support by the professors and study course tutors are obligatory guidelines.

The study language is English. French is not a lecture language, but it's mandatory in the form of a language module, which will be individually assigned, regarding to the respective student’s skills.