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Business Week 12th until 16th March 2018 in Nancy, France

Business Week 2018 – Part 1

by Zara Schmitz

During March of this year, our Bachelor 1 class got the chance to attend the annual Business Week of the ICN for the first time. The Business Week, which takes place in Nancy, gives us the opportunity to partake in additional courses, depending on our interests and passions.  Furthermore, workshops regarding our performance and communication were offered at the ICN Campus Nancy. Besides of the activities at the campus, we were able to learn more about the city, its famous Art Nouveau style and the artists as well as rulers, who shaped the city into what it is today.

In my case, I decided to join the Social Marketing course with the Professor Krish Krishnan from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I was very dedicated and motivated to attend this class, as it combines my interests in marketing and in social work and campaigns. During the two days of the course, we learned how social marketing can be defined, what is important to consider, which different theories exist and at the end we took a test on these topics. It definitely widened my horizon as well as my knowledge and the course was a lot of fun with a great Professor. 

On the following day, our class was divided into two groups to participate in workshops. The first workshop was about improvisational role play. As a warm up exercise we played some games which improved our improvisational skills and creativity. At the end, our task was to convince a fictional company to hire us for their campaign through introducing ourselves and sharing our strengths and knowledge with them. In my opinion, it was a very important and helpful workshop, as we all will be confronted with such a situation in our work lives one day. 

The next workshop was about communication. Here, we first of all defined what communication means and how it is often interpreted in a misleading way. For example, communication is more about listening than about speaking, otherwise wrong and different interpretations of statements will lead to false understandings and news. This was another great workshop, as we all constantly communicate in our lives, no matter if it is at work or in our social environment. As already mentioned, we additionally learned more about the culture and history of the city in the last two days of our Business Week. We visited two wonderful Art Nouveau museums and were able to see many famous historical landmarks, such as Stanislas Square and the old city. For me it was fascinating to see how the city developed in the past but at the same time remained almost the same until today.

In total, I can truly say that the Business week was very helpful, not only for my own personal development and knowledge, but also for our group to further grow together and work even better as a team as we spent all our free time exploring the city and living together. It helped each of us in deciding where our journey might continue in the third year of the bachelor program, as Nancy is one of the existing options.

To sum up, Business Week was a great experience and I am already very excited for next year’s trip.


Business Week 2018 – Part 2

by Yasmin Twal

This year’s Business week was from the 12th of March until the 16th of March in Nancy. The week was a combination of work and fun.

The first two days we had the chance to participate in classes of professors from all around the world. They gave us new insights on Business, ethics and much more. We also participated in workshops where we had activities which helped us work on ourselves and developed our skills. But the Business week was not only work, we also had the chance to visit Nancy’s city center starting with the renowned Place Stanislas. We learned a lot about the Lorrain regional culture which influenced ICN Business School values and way of teaching.

Overall, we learned a lot and had a fun week meeting new people and discovering Nancy together. Personally, this week was a very interesting week, we did not only learn but also enjoyed the time with my classmates and friends.